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Catering establishments generate a large amount of glass waste; for this reason at Ecovidrio we want to make the recycling task as easy as possible.


Customized bins

We work every day to offer catering professionals a simpler and more comfortable method for depositing their glass packagings in the green bin.

ALE-HOP bins:

We deliver a bin to the establishment which has a capacity of 120 litres and special hook. The lever and anchor mechanism allows the entire contents to be emptied into the container with very little effort.

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VACRI bins:

These bins have a mechanism composed of two complementary elements that connect the wheeled bin to the green collection bin. This system allows you to empty the glass by simply lifting and tipping it in. 

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Resources for establishments

The catering bins allow any establishment to easily store, transport and deposit large quantities of glass waste in their nearest bin. With a capacity that ranges from 40 to 240 litres, we offer the right size bin for each specific need within catering.


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Did you know that by recycling three glass bottles we save enough energy to charge a Smartphone for one year? 
We also prevent the extraction of raw materials and reduce CO2 emissions!

The recycling chain is the process that is activated with every glass packaging we put in the green bin. In doing so, we give infinite new lives to glass packagings!

The cycle can only start with your collaboration.