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Services to the caterer

In Ecovidrio we work shoulder to shoulder with the HORECA sector (Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers). This sector is key for us, in that it generates almost 50% of single use glass packaging waste.

Collaboration from this sector is vital to secure a sustainable catering offer which is respectful with the environment. 

These are some of the things that unite us:


Door to door

More than 48 'Door to Door' collection services in different areas.

Enabling recycling

We already have 11.600 bins adapted to the needs of the catering industry.

Always connected

We collaborate with 20% of all establishments: from awareness raising initiatives to special collection services.

No cost

78% of Spanish catering establishments use the resources we provide at no cost.


We made more than 60 daily visits to catering establishments during 2016.

Easy access

65% of all establishments have green bins less than 100 metres from their doorstep. 


Did you know that by recycling three glass bottles we save enough energy to charge a Smartphone for one year? 
We also prevent the extraction of raw materials and reduce CO2 emissions!

The recycling chain is the process that is activated with every glass packaging we put in the green bin. In doing so, we give infinite new lives to glass packagings.
The cycle can only start with your collaboration.