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Mr. Iglú

Do you know who Mr. Iglú is? He is a friend to little ones. 

And he has a whole bunch of toys to help you learn to recycle in a fun and different way. You only have to feed him what is good for him and he will thank you with his best smile.  Do you know what Mr. Iglú can eat?

We'll tell you his secret!

foto si


Mr. Iglú can eat this kind of thing all day loooooong. He is never full. And the more he eats, the more he helps the environment.

foto no


Remember this list of things because if you give them to Mr. Iglú to eat, he will feel very ill all day. These foods are very bad for him, so we must never let him eat them.


But this is only a little bit of what Mr. Iglú can teach you.
¡There is still a lot you can learn and games you can play!

Go to Mr. Iglú’s house
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Because of their strength, enthusiasm and desire to change the world, young people are the best travelling companions in the journey towards a recycling society. 

Did you know that by recycling three glass bottles we save enough energy to charge a Smartphone for one year? 
We also prevent the extraction of raw materials and reduce CO2 emissions!