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Campaigns for young people

Young people’s energy has the power to change things. They are the protagonists of a conscious society that takes responsibility for recycling.  For this reason, we are accompaning young people in concerts, to universities, in leisure activities, during volunteering initiatives... among others. We share our work with them, we listen to them and form a community in the social networks where, on a daily basis, we chat with thousands of young people. 

In this way, we try to harness all their energy, involving them in the work of recycling glass in their everyday activities. Because we know that they don't only activate the recycling chain, but also encourage their friends, young and old, to recycle glass packagings.

And what better way to involve young people than accompanying them in the activities that they most enjoy?


#Vidrioencesto: cómo vincular el deporte y el reciclaje

Quisimos llegar al corazón de los aficionados, convencerles y concienciarles sobre el reciclado de vidrio, a través de una de sus pasiones, su equipo. Unidos conseguimos encestar más envases de vidrio en los contenedores verdes.

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