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The close collaboration between Ecovidrio and governmental bodies guarantees that we can offer a universal free service for all citizens all over the country.

At the current time, we have agreements with 99% of local authorities and agreements with 15 autonomous regions.

Authorizations and agreements

Framework agreement:

This is what we sign with the autonomous region for glass packagings recycling within the Plan for the Management of Urban Waste. 

Accession agreement:

Once the framework agreement has been signed, the local authorities can join at the level of each municipality by signing an accession agreement.

Collaboration agreement:

If there is no framework agreement, local authorities can develop collaboration agreements with us.


This is the agreement that each autonomous region signs with us for the provision of glass packagings recycling in that region.

Once the authorization is in place, there are different types and levels of agreement which define the bilateral collaboration .


Types of collaboration

The most common way of collaborating with government bodies is carried out through a bilateral agreement in which the following is decided:

- Basis for managing the collection of glass packagings waste
- Initiatives and campaigns for citizen's awareness
- Installation and maintenance of collection infrastructure 
- Research into the needs of the catering sector, provision of resources, creation of special collection systems and monitoring of service.