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Packaging companies

The financial contributions of more than 8.171 packaging companies from different sectors make it possible to recycle glass.

Through the Green Dot, which identifies each single use glass packaging that is sold in Spain; these companies contribute to a sustainable socio-economic model.

Ecovidrio, as the management body of an Extended Producer Responsibility, takes on the responsibility and obligations for everything related to the recycling of the glass packaging waste generated by member companies. These companies - packers, distributors or importers make up:

- 3% national GDP.
- 99% of the single use glass packagings included in the EPR system.

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Among the sectors that are members of the EPR can be found:

Cerveceros de España (The Brewers of Spain)
Federación Española del Vino (Spanish Federation of Wine)
Federación Española de Bebidas Espirituosas (FEBE ) (Spanish Federation of Spirit-based Beverages)
Asociación Española de Sidras (AESI) (Spanish Cider Association) 
Aguas (Waters)
Otros (others)