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Our mission is to fulfill glass waste management obligations effectively and efficiently in close collaboration with the public administration. These obligations are stablished by the law for the packaging industry companies in order to apply the principles of the circular economy. 


Our values define who we are, what we believe in, how we behave and how we relate to the world:


We believe success is only posible when we apply highest ethical and honesty standards, while conducting our mission, in collaboration with our partners, when working with packaging companies, public administration and society.


We work daily to make our future more sustainable and to raise social awarness. We promote a model that protects the environment, generates employment and is economically efficient. We are guided by the principles of circular economy to transform glass packaging waste into a resource. During this process we save raw materials and energy and we reduce CO2 emisions and the volume of landfills.


We are transparent in our internal and external relationships. Our activity, results and management are subjected to internal control and independent audits.


We otpimise our resources in order to guarantee excellent management in orther to reach the objectives established for our model. We give response to our stakeholders expectations working as a single team.



We fulfill the legal mandate that we originated from and that defines our social goal: to ensure proper glass packaging waste management. We are committed to environmental protection and sustainable development, people growth and the service to the citizens in close collaboration withe packaging industry, public administration and the companies that play a role in the recycling chain.