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How does it work? 

We are in charge of the integrated management of the selective collection of glass packaging waste, as well as supplying and maintaining the infrastructure required to facilitate the citizens’ collaboration. This process is carried out in two different ways:

we take responsibility for installation of bins, their maintenance, collection and transport. All these operations are carried out with no cost whatsoever to the local government or to the citizen.

the town councils carry out the above functions. From Ecovidrio we finance the additional cost over and above the ordinary collection system.

In addition to recycling, the EPR scheme is a complete system because it is also responsible for informing and mobilizing citizens and catering professionals. To build and encourage responsible environmental habits, such as glass recycling, we innovate every day through hundreds of campaigns and workshops to raise awareness in children, young people and society in general, in an original and creative way.
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And to promote a sustainable system from the point of origin, we take advantage of Business Prevention Plans and eco-design.
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We are an integrated team that makes the recycling of glass possible. We work in the hope that our efforts will allow us to transform a waste product into a valuable resource, conserving the environment and contributing to sustainable development. Would you like to meet us?

We have achieved a great deal up to now. We have compiled all the details so they are always available: results, accounts, balance sheets and, above all, activities.
At Ecovidrio, we want you to know everything. For this reason we are making available all the statements and reports covering the last three years of this management.