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What is an EPR?

The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme came out as a result of  La Ley 11/1997, de 24 de abril, de Envases y Residuos de Envases (Law 11/1997, April 24, on Packaging and Waste Packaging Law). Since then, at Ecovidrio we have been responsible for reducing and recycling glass packaging waste, to prevent and reduce its impact on the environment.

Packaging companies can join the EPR scheme and thus delegate their waste management. Obliged companies finance our system via the Green Dot* and thanks to them we can initiate awareness-raising programmes for citizens, and put in place collection infrastructures and plans for prevention and eco-design.


We have achieved a great deal up to now. We have compiled all the details so they are always available: results, accounts, balance sheets and, above all, activities. At Ecovidrio, we want you to know everything. For this reason we are making available all the statements and reports covering the last three years of this management.

We are an integrated team that makes the recycling of glass possible. We work in the hope that our efforts will allow us to transform a waste product into a valuable resource, conserving the environment and contributing to sustainable development. Would you like to meet us?