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Business Prevention Plans

Thanks to the proposals that we have developed, packaging companies that join us are offered different ways to reduce the environmental impact of the glass packagings.
  1. Reduce the weight of glass packagings, eliminating accessories made from other materials.
  2. Promote the use of recycled materials in glass packagings and packages.
  3. Increase the recycled value of the glass packagings by minimising the use of varnishes, colours or pigments.
If you are already on the  Business Prevention Plan, remember that you must also present your Monitoring sheet annually before the 28th of February.

Download Business Prevention Plans Brewery Sector (Spanish only)
Download Business Prevention Plans Cider Sector (Spanish only)
Download Business Prevention Plans Wine and Spirits Sector (Spanish only)

The recycling chain is the process that is activated with every glass packaging we put in the green bin. In doing so, we give infinite new lives to glass packagings.
The cycle can only start with your collaboration.

If you are a caterer we are counting on you. Whether you need resources for recycling or you are interested in participating in awareness raising campaigns, contact us!