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Why is it important?

Prevention makes our model a perfect example of the circular economy. Thanks to the eco-design of glass packagings we manage to minimise their environmental impact.

We focus on working at the point of origin, minimising the volume of glass waste generated, reducing the weight of the glass packagings and promoting best practice in the design of the glass packagings.

More than 260 packaging companies design, manufacture and sell more sustainable glass packagings, following the recommendations of the Planes Empresariales de Prevención (Business Prevention Plans) created especially for the sector. 

Do you know what prevention can achieve?

Thanks to over 6,000 preventative measures, since 1997, we have managed to reduce the average weight of glass packagings  by 10%.


The recycling chain is the process that is activated with every glass packaging we put in the green bin. In doing so, we give infinite new lives to glass packagings.
The cycle can only start with your collaboration.

If you are a caterer we are counting on you. Whether you need resources for recycling or you are interested in participating in awareness raising campaigns, contact us!