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In the green bin

Only glass! A 100% recyclable material that we use every day.  If you correctly separate glass packaging waste you will save energy and reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

So, what should we deposit in the green bin?

al contenedor verde: SI
al contenedor verde: SI

Nothing in my pockets, nothing up my sleeves and … abracadabra! This magician shows us why glass is the only thing you can put in the green bin.

¡It doesn't matter how much they disguise themselves, plastic bottles can never be deposited in the exclusive green bin. Do you want to see why?



There is always a green bin near you

Did you know that the green bins were the first to arrive in our country?
Introducing the first igloo container that was installed in Spain. 
It was in Barcelona in 1982.

Since then, we have achieved great goals. Currently, we are one of the countries with the highest ratio of green containers per inhabitant:  we have a bin for every 213 inhabitants and 60% of Spanish households confirm that they have a bin less than 50 metres from their home. 



Image Gallery

Our green bin is very versatile. One day it dresses for flamenco, another for Valencia's Fallas or it simply puts on its best finery to liven the streets for Cadiz's Carnival. 

Don't miss our image gallery, where the green igloo container is always the protagonist.